Reconsidering Jeffrey Alexander’s Cultural Trauma Theory

On good example of this: the propagandization of Indonesia’s distressed episode in 1965—Pembantaian 1965—when the communists or alleged members of the communist party and their family members were brutally exterminated. This was a massive and very organized brutality, carefully planned and enforced top-down by government officials. I would urge you to watch “The Act of Killings” and “The Look of Silence” by Joshua Oppenheimer to get the idea how this distortion of facts—propagandization via media and education (recent times)— leads to failure to attempt at reconciliation, to have meaningful discussion of the past to bring about efforts to eliminate stigmas toward current generations of the communist party members/ alleged members/victims of the that particular time.

Ruang: Fungsi-fungsinya

Ruang dan makna adalah dua dimensi yang mesti dipertimbangkan secara serentak bagi menghasilkan suatu pengamatan yang bersifat kebelakaan (holistic). Keupayaan untuk menghasilkan suatu pengamatan sosial dan budaya yang luas dan mendalam adalah amat dipengaruhi oleh peranan ruang.